Y is for Yellow


Does color affect your mood? Most experts will agree that it does. Take into consideration Tiger Woods’ “power red” shirt he always wears on the last day of a tournament, or “power ties” notoriously worn during political debates.  Red is power. White is pure. Black is dignified or sexy.  Image

Yellow is the happy face color—or a soft baby chick—or a singing canary, a yellow rose. It’s hard to think of anything negative when it comes to yellow.  I’ve been thinking about how to lighten a dark story without taking away the gravity of the premise.  Yellow . . . I need to add some yellow, in the highlights of a little girl’s hair, or a warm sun filling a room with sunshine, that single yellow rose.


As a writer, it is important to activate all the senses and I believe color is an effective tool. Our words are our paintbrush, our keyboards our canvas. Do you see your story in color? Or are they a monochrome of black words on a white screen? Do you use color to change the tone in a story?   Image


Y is also for Yea! We are almost to the end of our A-Z Challenge. Are we having fun yet?


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